Fantastic Summer Glasses for Theme Parks

Going to a theme park? That sounds nice, but you will need some eye protection against constant exposure to the harsh sun. It’s a fact of life if you’re spending most of the day outdoors.

And if that’s the case, try out these shades:

Ray-Ban Aviators and Wayfarers

If you’re not sure what to get, then get a Ray-Ban. You can get the classic Aviator, or you might opt for the more casual Wayfarer. These sunglasses offer terrific protection, and they’re all classics for good reasons. They’ll never go out of style.

Moscot “Lemtosh” Sunglasses

This is true contemporary masterpiece from a revered NYC eyewear brand. It’s a bit on the expensive side as it costs around $310, but then you’re getting something that’s both cool and functional.

Oliver Peoples “Cary Grant” Sunglasses

This is the style of sunglasses that the iconic actor made famous. It’s a great choice for those with an elegant taste and an eye for style. Again, it’s not cheap at around $340, but you’re really getting your money’s worth when it comes to its eternally trendy design.

Garret Leight Broadway D-Frame Sunglasses

The style is reminiscent of the 1950s era, but it’s a style that will still be in vogue up to 2050s as well. It’s just a timeless design that fits right for most men, even as it oozes a no-nonsense vibe. You do have to cough up the dough for it, as it costs around $385.

Bottega Veneta BV1147 Sunglasses

This is actually not as expensive as some of the others on the list. But it’s not cheap either with its $305 price tag.

Even a quick glance at it will tell people that it’s not cheap. After all, it’s featuring rather luxurious gold-tone details. The style resembles a Wayfarer, but it does have its own flair with the rather prominent silhouette.

Diff “Cody” Sunglasses

At $100, this pair of sunglasses is downright cheap. But it sure doesn’t feel that way when you wear it. These sunglasses have actually been cut by hand, and the “look at me” vibes will make you look great for your selfies.

Masahiro Maruyam MM-0029

These glasses feel like art pieces, with asymmetric frames that ooze eccentric class. This pair is for folks who don’t want to blend in the background.

Sun Buddies “Wesley” Sunglasses

Now this really gives off a summer-fun vibes, especially with its oval design and slime green hue. Wear this, and it’s like you’re already at Disneyland.

Gucci “Navigator” D-frame Sunglasses

Wear this pair of sunglasses, and you’ll be the star of every group selfie. The glasses are big and round, and the design is certainly not subtle at all. It’s like the sunglasses that will fit in at a 1970s disco.

Balenciaga Bat Rectangle Sunglasses

Don’t be surprised if your kids want sunglasses like these, when they see you wearing them. They’re basically the kind of sunglasses that Batman might wear. It’s tough and sporty, with angles that make you look tough but approachable. Kinda like Batman, right?

Warby Parker “Hatcher” Sunglasses

At less than $100, these sunglasses are a bargain. Actually, many consider the sunglasses of Warby Parker as the best affordable sunglasses around, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. The style is classic, and just makes you look nice.

Balenciaga Bat Rectangle Sunglasses

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