Great Reasons to Buy the Refillable Popcorn Tubs at Walt Disney World

Great Reasons to Buy the Refillable Popcorn Tubs at Walt Disney World

Some say that a visit to Disney World is one quick way to hemorrhage money, but that’s not really fair. After all, you’re exchanging money for fun, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with 4 different theme parks to explore. Why else is this place visited by more than 50 million people each year?

Besides, there are good deals to be had. One of the best deals is to get yourself one (or more) of these refillable popcorn tubs. They’re all available in many places at all the theme parks. The prices range from about 410 to $20, and you’re getting some popcorn with it.

What’s more, you can get refills for just $2. It doesn’t matter where you bought the popcorn tub. You can buy it at the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Popcorn Cart near Guest Relations, and then get your refill at the Frontierland outside Pecos Bills Tall Tale Café. In fact, you can get a refill in the other theme parks.

It doesn’t even matter when you bought your popcorn tub, as long as you bought it from Disney World. So, if you buy your popcorn tub today at Disney World, then when you bring it back next year, you can still get the $2 refills (as long as the price remains the same). Even if you bring a Christmas-themed popcorn tub back in summer, it’s all okay.

Other Uses for the Popcorn Tub

Why would you even tote around the empty popcorn tub back to Disney World in the first place? Surely, it’s not just for the $2 refills? Actually, these popcorn tubs are quite useful.

You Can Use It as Your Lunch Box

This is one sturdy tub, and it has hard sides. What’s more, it’s a food-safe container, so you can just fill it up with all types of snacks. You can maybe put in up to 5 different snacks inside and you can still get the lid closed firmly.

Once you do finish your snacks, then you can always get another refill of popcorn.

You Can Use the Lid as a Snack Plate

The lid works nicely as a small plate with a high lip. So, if you happen to buy some chips and fruits for the family, you can use this as your plate to divide up the goods between the family members. It serves as your communal plate while you take a nice break.

Just wipe the lid down properly when you’re all done eating, before you snap it back on the popcorn tub.

It Works for Sitting

Yes, it’s true that these theme park rides are so popular that the lines for them can be rather ridiculous. There’s a lot of standing in line going on, and you might wait 10 minutes in place before the line moves again.

This popcorn tub works nicely as a portable stool, so you can just sit down while waiting. Of course, it may not support a lot of weight, so it’s best if you’re relatively lightweight. You may want you just hand it over to your kids.

Storage for Souvenirs

As already mentioned, these tubs are sturdy, and they offer great crush protection for various items inside. So, it’s a nice and handy place for you to buy your souvenir coffee mugs and other knickknacks. That might help make sure that coffee mug survives the flight back home.

Storage for Various Items

Once you’re back home, it works like any other large jar that you can use for storage. It can hold your pens, or other EDC items. When you’re an EDC fan, you might carry around with you stuff like your wallet, multi-tool, keys, small flashlight, or whatever. You can just place them all inside this tub, and then you can just take them out when you’re going out.

It also works for stuff like cables, yarn, sewing kits, and art supplies.


While the other uses here assume you’re getting the plain, regulars-shaped tubs (since they’re also easy to clean), you can also go with the more whimsical designs that you can use for décor. While some may seem a bit cheesy, they may work for the kids’ bedrooms.

Besides, there are other designs here that adults might appreciate. These include the Star Wars-themed tubs, so you can get yourself a tub that looks like an AT-AT or even the Millennium Falcon itself!

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