The Top Amusement Parks in the US

Spring is just around the corner, and a few months from now amusement parks will become packed again with families who want to enjoy a day or week of roller coasters, junk food and a lot of sunshine. However, not all parents are excited at the prospects of spending their hard-earned money on a trip to amusement park. If you are one of those parents who cringe at the costs of going to an amusement park, then you should know which amusement parks offer the best value for your money. This way, you can get the most out of your dollars and still give in to the demands of your kids. 


When you say amusement parks, the first thing that probably goes into your mind is Disneyland. Arguably the most famous amusement park company in the planet, Disneyland is not expensive as others perceive it to be. Tickets are cheaper when bought online and not at the ticket booth. Purchasing tickets online can save you up to $50 per ticket.  There are numerous websites that offer discount codes that you can also use when purchasing tickets online. 


SeaWorld provides a different experience than Disney since the focus is on marine life. Here, children can see seals, sharks and whales in the flesh, although there are also amphibious exhibits and rides that can make them excited. The ticket prices are not really expensive, with weekday prices pegged at $50 from August to December. This translates to as much as $20 off on regular priced tickets. 


Hersheypark located in Hershey, Pennsylvania has 12 roller coasters and more than 60 rides. With ticket prices going as low as $28 a day for sunset admission or late entry during the summer season, the park offers bang for the buck. The average adult admission fee is $30. Meal prices at the park are also reasonable, with prices hovering around the $13 to $15 range. 

Lakemont Park

Situated in Altoona, Pennsylvania, this is a cheaper alternative to Hersheypark. Adult admission costs $8, while the price of admission for children can go as low as $4.50. There are four roller coasters in this amusement park. Its most popular attraction is the Leap-the-Dips, considered as the oldest roller coaster in the world. This wooden roller coaster was built in 1902.  

Lagoon Amusement Park

Located in Farmington, Utah, this park has eight roller coasters. The adult admission price is $46 while children can enter for a fee of $41. For that price, guests can ride in roller coasters like accelerator, flying coaster, inverted coater, shuttle coaster, and twister coaster, among others. The signature ride is the Fire Dragon which takes guests through a 65-feet diameter of loops.

The bottom line is that going to an amusement park in the United States is not a total waste of money as you’d like to believe. As long as you identify the amusement parks that provide value for your cash, then expect to experience a fun time with your family without worrying about the expenses.

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