Fun with Animals at the Busch Gardens in Tampa

Fun with Animals at the Busch Gardens in Tampa

It’s true that when you ask a fan of the Busch Gardens in Tampa what that place is like, you’ll hear a lot of talk about the roller coasters. This is one theme park where the roller coaster junkies can really get their jollies. The new Cobra’s Curse Coaster has arrived, and you still have the Sand Serpent, the Scorpion, and the Kumba roller coasters. That’s not even mentioning the huge SheiKra and the scary Montu.

But Busch Gardens is also one of the biggest zoological sites in the whole country. It offers more than 2,700 animals, and you can do more than just watch them playa round. In fact, part of the fun at Busch Gardens in Tampa is that you can interact with some of the animals directly. It’s like taking a real Care of Magical Creatures class at Hogwarts with Hagrid.

None of the animals here are as scary as Hagrid’s friends, fortunately. Here are some ways you can really have fun with the animals here:

You Can Become a Bird Perch

Visit the Lory Landing area in the Bird Garden section, and you can make friends with the lorikeets, which area small parrots. They can land on your hand, shoulder, or even your head.

These lorikeets have tongues with tips that resemble a brush, so they can lap up the pollen and nectar that they usually feed on. You can buy small cups of nectar here, and the lorikeets will land on your arm so they can feed on the cup. The best time to visit is early in the day, as the birds (including other birds like the hornbills) are hungry.

You Can Feed a Kangaroo by Hand

There’s no need to go Down Under to see a kangaroo, and you can do more than view them from up close. Just get yourself to Walkabout Way, and you’ll meet a “mob” of red and western gray kangaroos.

Some of them are friendly and curious about humans, and they’ll walk right up to the fence. That’s the best time to rub their chests and make friends with them.

Or, you can buy a small cup of food before you enter the enclosure, and you can use that food to temp some of the kangaroos to get really friendly and approach you. These animals can get their heads out of the fence, and they’re really super-friendly.

You Can Watch the Elephants Get Clean

Yes, you can start by just watching the elephants take a bath. It does seem like they’re having a great time, while they’re playing in a spray from a hose. It’s like watching kids joyfully running through a water sprinkler. It’s hard not to be charmed by their sense of cheerful play.

But after that, you should visit the Elephant Interaction Wall. Here you have screen doors, just so you can really appreciate how gentle and curious these animals are. You’ll find keepers using a broom to clean the elephants’ feet, along with other activities that keep the elephants engaged and happy.

There’s more fun to be had with the animals, and if you’re a true animal lover, this is heaven!

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