How Much Will You Really Spend If You Go to Disney World?

How Much Will You Really Spend If You Go to Disney World?

It’s easy enough to find out the prices involved if you’re planning to go do Disney World. You can reserve a ticket to get you admitted to 1 theme park per day for $109, but that goes up to $165 if you wish to access more than 1 theme park after 2pm. This is the Park Hopper option

And if you want to get admitted to more than 1 theme park without the 2pm restriction, then it’s $194 for the Park Hooper Plus ticket.

But that’s hardly all the information you need if you’re planning to take your entire family to Disney World. There are simply more considerations and expenses to factor in. Aside from the park tickets, you need to think about the transportation, your hotel rooms, and food issues.

So, lets get to the heart of the matter quickly:

Total Costs

This depends on whether you’re willing to spend money, or if you want to watch every cent. And the time of the year you make your visit will also matter.

Let’s say you have your stereotypical family of 4, and you’re willing to get a room at a deluxe Disney resort from Monday to Friday. That’s 5 nights total, and you’re also making your visit during the summer. With all the other factors considered, you can expect to spend an average of $6.766.

If you do go during the off-season, but everything else is the same? Even if you still stay at the deluxe place, you cut down on your total expenses to only $5,722.

What if you go during the summer, but you stay only at a value Disney resort for 5 nights? Then you really cut down on your expenses, and you’ll only spend an average of $3,572 for your visit. You don’t really spend much less if you go during the off-season instead, since that’s still $3,703 for your stay.

Flights and Transportation

Airfare in 2022 is actually great, as airlines are cutting down plane ticket prices to entice people to fly after the whole pandemic brouhaha. But it really entirely depends on where you’re coming from, and what airline and seats you pick.

First of all, if you want to save money, just get economy seats. If you’re coming in from London and ride British Airways, you’ll need maybe $2,049 for your family of 4.

If you’re from Dallas, get on American Airlines and spend $649 for your entire family to fly. It’s $408 from LA on Jet Blue, $288 from NYC on Delta, and $164 (that’s only $41 per person) from Newark on Frontier.

Driving may even be cheaper, but this is the time to take advantage of the ridiculously cheap airfare prices. You can still use Avis for a rental car, which will cost you maybe $365 for 6 days. Or you can go with ride-share services like Uber.

Still, aside from getting to the Disney World area from MCO, you don’t really need rides to get around the Disney World property. That’s only for exploring outside areas. If you’re sticking to Disney World, the on-site transportation network is enough for your needs.


Your most affordable option at Disney World is either, Disney’s All Star Movies and Pop Century are really cheap options. You can get a standard room with 2 full-size beds for 5 nights, and spend less than $965 for these Value Resort rooms.

If you opt for the moderate resorts like Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, you increase the total cost for lodgings up to about $1,600 for a standard room. And with the Deluxe resorts such as Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, a 5-night stay for a family of 4 will cost you $2,851.

The Deluxe Villas will be even more expensive, with the Savannah View 1 Bedroom Villa as an example. Sure, you get more amenities. You get a king-sized bed, a queen-sized sleeper or sofa, and one twin sleeper chair. But all that will cost you $4,715 for your whole stay.


Okay, without the Park Hopper option (which still makes for a great vacation), you’re looking at a total of $1,706 for your whole family. There’s still food to consider, and unfortunately the food places at Disney World are rather astonishingly expensive.

But you can still save some money, such as by maximizing the Disney Dining Plan. Without the DPP, you’re looking at about $80 for each adult for food each day, while kids will need $50 each for food each day.

Have fun on your Disney World vacation! And while you’re at it, here are some things you shouldn’t do at Disney World.

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