How to Afford a Trip to Disney World in 2023?

How to Afford a Trip to Disney World in 2023?

Planning a budget-friendly family trip to Disney World in 2023 requires careful consideration of expenses. If you’re not careful, the costs can quickly add up. Here are 15 tips to help you make your Disney World trip affordable and memorable.

1. Strategize Your Visit

Save on park passes by purchasing them in advance, especially if you plan to spend multiple days at Disney World. Prices often decrease for longer durations.

2. Skip Unnecessary Add-Ons

Avoid splurging on unnecessary extras like photo packages. Use your smartphone to capture precious moments instead. Remember, your hotel pool can offer a refreshing alternative to water parks.

3. Plan and Save

Start saving money well in advance to prepare for the expenses of your Disney trip. Explore different saving methods, such as setting up a dedicated savings account or seeking advice from a financial professional.

4. Make Use of Travel Credit Cards

Consider utilizing a travel credit card with low annual fees and APR. Look for cards that offer travel rewards, including discounted hotel accommodations and rental car deals.

5. Look for Discounts

Take advantage of discounted Disney World vacation packages available online. Look for special offers from the park itself. You can also leverage travel rewards credit cards and discounted gift cards to offset costs.

6. Prepare for the Elements

Be mindful of Florida’s hot and humid weather. Pack your own rain gear and sunblock to avoid purchasing them at inflated prices within the park.

7. Embrace Off-Peak Seasons

Consider planning your visit during less crowded times of the year. Not only will you enjoy more pleasant weather, but hotels tend to offer lower rates during off-peak seasons.

8. Stay in Affordable Accommodations

Save money by staying at off-site hotels instead of on-site Disney properties. Explore alternative options like Airbnb or Vrbo, which often provide cost savings and the convenience of kitchen facilities for preparing meals.

9. Select On-Site Stays Wisely

In certain cases, staying on-site at Disney can save you money. Enjoy the benefits of complimentary shuttles and take advantage of park Extra Magic Hours. Choose budget-friendly accommodations within the Disney property.

10. Plan for a Shorter Stay

You don’t have to spend an entire week at Disney World to have a memorable experience. Booking a shorter stay of four or five nights can help reduce expenses while still allowing ample time for enjoying attractions and rides.

11. Discover Free Attractions

Beyond the paid experiences, explore the free offerings at Disney World. Visit Disney Springs for window shopping, stop by The Lego Store, or enjoy a leisurely stroll around the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

12. Focus on Select Parks

With the vastness of Disney World, it’s easy to spend money on various parks. To control expenses, concentrate your visit on one or two parks that appeal most to your family’s interests.

13. Dine Smart

Minimize dining costs by planning a few picnic lunches using outside food that you’re allowed to bring into the parks. Utilize lockers provided by the parks to store your food throughout the day. Consider using a credit card with dining rewards for any meals you do purchase.

14. Bring Reusable Water Bottles

Save money and stay hydrated by bringing reusable water bottles into the park. Utilize the water stations available throughout Disney World to refill them.

15. Don’t Overspend on Souvenirs

Avoid overspending on souvenirs by purchasing items like Mickey Mouse ears and other Disney merchandise ahead of time at more affordable prices. You can even surprise your children by strategically leaving these items for them to discover during your trip.

Here’s a video showcasing what not to buy at Disney World:

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