Seven Amusement Park Safety Tips

Mention the words amusement park and chances are, you’ll end up conjuring images of rides, sunshine, junk food and lots and lots of people queuing up. Yes, going to an amusement park can be both fun and exhausting. However, many of us forget that accidents could happen to anyone in a theme park, a place that is supposedly for pleasure and not misery. 

Did you know that recent studies show that around 8,000 kids get injured while inside theme parks every year? The injuries are often sustained by victims while riding coasters and other types of rides. You can prevent unfortunate things from happening while inside an amusement park if you follow these theme park safety tips: 

1. Be the role model for following theme park safety tips.

Show your children how to comply with theme park safety rules, and there’s a high chance that they will follow your lead. 

2. Assist your children when getting on and off a ride. 

Never allow your older kids to supervise your preschoolers. Make sure that they use safety equipment like safety belts, chains, and handrails.  Remind them to keep their hands and feet safely inside the ride. They should never attempt to stick out their hands and feet while the ride is in motion, as this is usually results to injuries and accidents. 

3. Never pressure your preschoolers into trying a ride that they are frightened of.

Scared children could panic and attempt to leave a ride which is already moving. Or they could violate a safety rule in an attempt to get off the ride which they did not want to try in the first place. 

4. Speaking of moving rides, ask your children to wait until the ride comes to a full halt before getting off their seats.

You should also instruct them to stay seated and wait for directions from theme park personnel if the ride suddenly stops because of a mechanical defect. 

5. During summer which is considered the peak season for theme parks, it can be very easy for your child to get lost especially in packed environments.

Of course, you can’t expect your preschoolers to use a cellphone given their age. The best way to avoid this is to tell them where they can go to in case they get separated from you. Assign an area in the park where your kids can go in when they get lost. 

6. Bring enough items to protect your children especially since they will be outdoors for most of the time.

Sunscreen is important to keep their skin protected against the harsh rays of the sun. People usually get dehydrated during the summer months. Instead of buying soda or bottled water inside the park, why don’t you bring a backpack where you can put several bottles of water? 

7.  Just bring the important things you need inside the park.

With large crowds during the peak season, it can be very easy for you to lose your personal belongings. Don’t bring stuff like tablets, jewelry and other valuables. 

Amusement Park Safety Tips

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