The Overnight Magic at Walt Disney World

The Overnight Magic at Walt Disney World

Yes, many say that Disney World is a “magical place”, but only in the sense that it’s a fun place to visit. But have you ever thought about how much magic actually happens here, especially overnight?

If you’ve ever been here, then you know that the place gets crowded each and every day. And people, especially crowds, aren’t exactly gentle on their environment. They throw trash everywhere, they scratch surface, and they break things.

Yet every day, the place looks brand new. It’s as if all the bad stuff never happened. And that’s because the workers there (known as the Cast Members) do some magic over the course of the night.

When the place closes down for the night and the last guest leaves, the all-clear signal comes out. The lights come on, all the trucks come out, and the Cast Members perform magic.

Here’s a partial list of the charms they do:

  1. They do a security sweep throughout the entire place, just in case a guest is still in here. Maybe someone is hiding, or got unconscious in a hidden area.
  2. Once it’s all clear, workers come in to collect all the strollers and wheelchairs left by the guests. Sometimes people just leave these things anywhere.
  3. Then huge vacuum cleaners descend to clean off the dust and grime from the streets and sidewalks. These things are simply gigantic, since small vacuum cleaners just won’t do. And they sure are powerful.
  4. Sometimes even powerful vacuum cleaners aren’t enough, and that’s why they also use pressure washers. These are much more effective in removing stains and pesky sticky gums from the sidewalks, streets, and other surfaces.
  5. Then painters come in, and fix up all the scuffed painted surfaces, including the handrails and the buildings.
  6. Then you also have some people come in to shine all the floors everywhere.
  7. Some places here have toys and other products to sell. Some workers then come in to restock all these products so the shelves are once again full.
  8. With so many people, it’s inevitable that some of them will end up stepping on the flowers. At night, the gardeners come in to replace all these ruined flowers with new ones.
  9. Cleaners come in to really clean the restaurants, so that they’re safe and spotless for the next day’s dishes.
  10. Some of the chefs also come in early, especially if they need to bake fresh pastries for morning guests.
  11. Workers also come into the parking lots to get rid of trash left by some guests. Some guests who might never dare to throw trash inside the park may not be as conscientious when they’re in the parking lot.
  12. Various ride attractions and vehicles are refueled. These vehicles include the Main Street Vehicles, the Jungle Cruise boats, the Tom Sawyer Island Rafts, and the Mark Twain Riverboat.
  13. Then they also try out the rides again, to make sure they’re all safe. If they notice something amiss, then they do the necessary repairs.

It’s a kind of magic, when everyone comes to work together to bring the guests a magically clean place each and every day!

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