How to Avoid Long Lines at Amusement Parks?

There are many reasons to love amusement parks like Disney World and Universal Studios. The rides, the characters, the shows, the parades and the fireworks displays are some of the things we love about amusement parks. But if there’s one thing most of us hate about amusement parks, it has got to be the long lines. 

Indeed, many adults dread going to theme parks because of the long queues. Who would want to stand up for 30 minutes to an hour waiting for your turn in a ride? And how irritating can it be to be with noisy children waiting for their turn to see Mickey Mouse and his friends? However, you can always avoid long lines at theme parks by following these tips: 

Come in Off-Peak Seasons 

If you want to avoid long lines, the best way to do so is to come to a theme park in a less crowded time. That means not going there during special holidays like Independence Day.  Other peak holidays are Christmas, Easter and during the spring and summer seasons.  As much as possible, plan to go there whenever school is in session, especially on weekdays. 

Buy Tickets in Advance

Usually, the longest lines in a theme park occur outside the admission counter. You can save time, money and spare yourself from having a terrible headache if you purchase tickets in advance. You can always buy tickets online, giving you convenience and even tremendous savings. 

Arrive Early

Crowds in theme parks usually swell early in the afternoon. You can avoid the long lines and enjoy the rides by arriving early in the morning.  This way, you can choose the rides you’d like to try without battling for a spot with a huge throng of park goers. Here’s another hint: go to the most popular ride first before trying the other rides. You can then leave in the afternoon once the crowds starts to increase, before re-entering an hour or two before closing when the people are starting to leave.  

Shop Early

Most shops on Disney World’s Main Street are open before the actual park commences operations. Likewise, these shops are not as busy in the morning as they are at night. You can take advantage of this lull by shopping early. This way, you can avoid falling into long lines an hour or two before the park closes. 

Take Advantage of Lunch time and Dinner time

If you insist on staying during lunch and dinner time, then you should take advantage of the shorter queues in rides during these times of the day. At around noon, people will be thinking more of their stomachs instead of their urge to ride a ride. The same goes during dinner time. So take advantage of these breaks and go to a ride you’ve always wanted to experience. 

Take Advantage of Entertainment Showcases 

People will also stop lining up once a parade or fireworks showcase begin. Parades usually happen in the afternoon, while fireworks display typically occur at night. You can bet that lines are shorter when entertainment showcases are about to begin.  

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