How to Save Money in Theme Parks

How to Save Money in Theme Parks

Summer is just a few months away. Now’s the perfect time to start planning your family getaway, right? Theme parks can be expensive especially if you have kids in tow. Fortunately there are ways you can still save money.

1. Buy tickets online.

In line with this, you need to know that you’ll pay premium prices for one-day tickets and you’ll save more if you get multi-day tickets. Universal in Orlando’s one-day ticket is around $136 but if you purchase a 4-day pass you only pay $195.99. There are also parks that have lower prices if you visit on weekdays or late afternoons.

2. You can also save money by being smart about your food and drinks.

For example, you may want to bring a water bottle and just fill it from a fountain inside the park instead of paying $3.50 for bottled water.

To avoid spending a lot on food inside the park, be sure to eat a big breakfast before going. That will help you resist those tempting $5 churros they sell at the park. It also helps to split meals and skip the sodas.

BTW, you can bring food to Disney World. Just make sure you don’t put it in glass containers. So pack up some sandwiches, snacks and fruits!

3. If you’re planning to a multi-day visit to the theme parks,

Always take into account the cost of car rental, gas and parking. It may be cheaper to stay in a park-run resort/hotel that offers free shuttles especially if they are running promotions.

4. Stay out of gift and souvenir shops inside the park.

These places can be very expensive! If you want to, you can purchase souvenirs at outlet malls like Wal-Mart and Target which sell theme park products if you go to stores close to the park.

5. Pack well.

Be sure to bring rain ponchos, sunscreen and other essentials because buying them in the park will be very costly.

6. Scour the Web for discount coupons.

You may be able to find deals through grocery stores, conventions, AAA, Costco and others.

7. If you have kids,

Make it clear to them how much you are willing to spend at the park. You may want to give them a set amount of money to spend for the day. Check out this Disney packing list:

Ultimate Disney World Packing List!

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