Practical Things to Pack for Amusement Parks

Practical Things to Pack for Amusement Parks

Going to an amusement park? Perhaps Six Flags or Disney World? Don’t forget to bring these essential items along:

Medical Alert Bracelet

This is a must-pack item if you have a preexisting medical condition. It’s also good to have if you have any sort of allergies that the ER folks need to know about. Put in your blood type as well.

You may not want to think about it, but sometimes medical emergencies can happen. Better to have this and not need it, than to not have it and then need it.

Comfy Shoes

At a theme park, you’ll probably spent most of the time on your feet. Now you’ll know how a food server at a restaurant feels like. And as any food server can tell you, you need proper shoes.

They should fit you properly, first of all. Then you need ample cushioning, preferably with breathable materials. You’ll do best with athletic shoes and lightweight hiking shoes.

But if you’re at a water park, consider closed-toe shoes with lots of waterproofing. Or you can just wear sandals, though you risk having someone step on your toes.


This is great for any minor cuts you might suffer along the way. Also, they work well for blisters, which can happen even with comfortable shoes.


You’ll really need this when you’re on your summer holiday, and you’re out at a theme park for the whole day. You need a proper sunscreen to make sure you don’t get a sunburn. Bring it along with you, just in case you need some extra application.


When it comes to the harsh sun, your eyes need protection as well. Get some tinted sunglasses, and make sure they offer adequate UV protection. Sunglasses without UV protection are actually dangerous for your eyes.

And if you’re going to wear these sunglasses the whole day, try for some lightweight frames. With heavier sunglasses, it feels heavier as the day goes on.

Safety Phone Case

Just about everyone these days carry their phones around 24/7. But don’t forget to bring it with you at an amusement park. There’s no telling when you might need to call for help, or film something that needs to be sent online.

At an amusement park, you need to be extra-careful with it. People might jostle you and you can drop your phone, so you need that extra protection. And consider some sort of waterproofing if you’re at a water park.

Portable Phone Charger

Your phone isn’t really all that useful if it runs out of juice. Without a properly charged phone, you can’t take pictures and videos, call in case of emergency, or even use the park app to reserve slots for rides and restaurants.

With the phone charger, you won’t run out of battery power, and you need that assurance. It’s best if your charger is super-portable, and it should also be compatible with all the phones used by your family.

Athletic Shirts

Basically, you need shirts with moisture-wicking capability. This offers enough ventilation, and also takes away the moisture from your skin as you sweat it out. You’ll stay cool and avoid overheating.

For your kids, try to have them wear shirts with bright colors. That way, you might find them more easily if they get lost in a crowd.

Safe Wallet

You really don’t want a fat wallet in an amusement park. Instead, go for a thinner wallet that’s a lot more secure. That way, it’s easier to store on your person and it’s more difficult for pickpockets to steal. At the same time, thinner wallets are also more comfortable to wear.

Refillable Water Bottle

Don’t forget to hydrate! This is especially true in the summer heat. Bring your own refillable water bottle at an amusement park, as the water bottles in these parks may be a bit more expensive.

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