Super Stuff to Pack at Theme Parks

Super Stuff to Pack at Theme Parks

All packed up for your family vacation at a great theme park? Before you head on out, try to make room for the following items that you’ll want to bring with you at the theme park:

Polarized Sunglasses with UV Protection

Don’t bother complaining about why the best theme parks in the world are all in sunny spots. SeaWorld, for example, has locations in San Antonio, San Diego, and Orlando. These are super-sunny states where you really need your shades.

If you’re going to one of these places, then wear the right sunglasses. First, they ought to provide adequate protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Then try to get the polarized versions, since they’re great for reducing the blinding effects of sun glare that’s common on water rides.

Reusable Plastic Bags

A simple yet sturdy plastic sandwich bag will do you a lot of good. They’re great alternatives for fancy phone cases, when you’re set on a water ride and you don’t want to give up your smartphone. Those phone cases can be quite expensive.

These plastic bags aren’t just for phones, however. You can also pack in your wallet and cash, various tickets, and anything else made of paper that are on you. The plastic bag will keep them all dry.

To really save on money, get yourself a reusable plastic bag. It’s better for the environment too when you don’t go with single-use plastics too much.

Waterproof Phone Case

What if you don’t want to stick your phone in the plastic bag because you keep on using it every now and then? That can be problematic, especially in aquatic theme parks. You can get yourself wet even when you’re not on a water ride or in the swimming pool.

In that case, a waterproof phone case is your best bet. This allows you to quickly snap a great photo to memorialize your terrific theme park vacation.

Gel Insoles

You do want to make sure that you wear comfortable shoes that fit you properly, as you’re like an all-day food server working 12 hours a day while standing. And if you’re in a water park, you want to make sure your shoes offer proper traction. There are good water shoes for these places, and even a boat shoe from Sperry might do some good.

But even your comfy shoes might not be all that comfy when you’re standing in line for hours all day. To spare your heels all that resulting pain, you might want to slip in some gel insoles inside the shoes first. These will just help your feet a lot.

Sunscreen and Sun-Protective Clothes

Yes, you need sunscreen. Regardless of what people say about getting your vitamin D from the sunlight, it doesn’t take much before you’re suffering from sun burn while waiting under the sun for hours on end.

And while you’re at it, make sure your clothes are appropriate for the sunny setting as well. Some clothes actually offer protection against UVA and UVB rays. These clothes can at least reduce your UV exposure.

Water Bottle

Lots of people seem to forget about proper hydrating when they’re in a theme park. The water can help reduce the risk of heat stroke, though you do need to avoid gulping water quickly. Instead, you want to take smaller but more frequent sips of water.

Some parks know this, which is why they offer free water. That means you need to take a water bottle with you. Sure, it may seem bulky, but you need one. Get to a water station and fill up your water bottle with some ice water.

Or you can go with a collapsible water bottle. This comes with a soft case, so you can roll it right up as you take your frequent sips. When it’s empty, then it’s much smaller so it’s easier to bring along.

Fanny Pack

Yes, lots of fashionistas decry these things, supposedly because they “mess up your silhouette” or something. But these things are super-useful. You can put all your everyday-carry stuff in here, like your phone, charger, and earbuds.

Besides, there are actually some fanny packs that look nice. You can also go with similar items like “slings” and “belt bags”. And you still get your hands free.

Portable Phone Charger

This is one of the things you’ll put in that fanny pack. Just charge it fully the night before, and you have extra battery power for your overused phone.

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