The Freakingly Fastest Roller Coasters in the World (2022)

The Freakingly Fastest Roller Coasters in the World (2022)

Fighter jet pilots have a saying, that Speed is Life. While that’s especially true when evading missiles in the air, the same mantra might be adopted by roller coaster junkies who really need the speed to pump up their adrenalin levels.

Going fast in a car is one thing, since even going 55 mph seems sedate while you’re cocooned inside a vehicle. But when you’re in the open air, perhaps high up in the air and your feet dangling, your perspective changes, and it becomes a lot scarier.

So, if you’re travelling around the world for the speediest roller coasters, check out the following attractions:

Formula Rossa

It shouldn’t surprise you to find out that if you’re looking for a fast ride, you’ll find one in the theme park inspired by the Ferrari sports car brand. So, just go to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and find Ferrari World on Yas Island.

There you can get on the Formula Rossa roller coaster, which is currently regarded as the faster coaster in the world. It gets you faster than 149 mph, and that feels so fast especially in the open air. What’s more, you get to that speed in less than 5 seconds! It’s so fast that you’re actually given goggles to ride so you don’t get dust into your eyes at that speed.

Kingda Ka

If you’re looking for the fastest coater in the US, start with Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. This uses a hydraulic launcher so you can reach the top speed of 128 mph in just a matter of seconds.

It does help that this is also the tallest roller coaster in the entire world, as it reaches a height of 456 feet. This can be problematic for those with a fear of heights, but it’s nirvana for adrenalin junkies.

Top Thrill Dragster

Yes, it’s another race car theme. This time, get to Cedar Point in Ohio, so you can try out this ride and reach a top speed of 120 mph. It’s basically a slightly milder version of Kingda Ka, as you have hydraulics to get you to speed quickly. But the Top Thrill Dragster is also a smoother rider than Kingda Ka.


For this, you need to visit Fuji-Q Highland in Yamanashi, Japan. This uses an advanced compressed air launch, so it only needs 2 seconds to get you from 0 to 112 mph. The ride also involves going 90 degrees up and down a top hat tower that rises 161 feet in the air.

Since you’re going so fast throughout the ride, the entire ride only lasts less than a full minute. But you might feel like it lasted a lifetime.

Red Force

This is part of Ferrari Land in Spain, so it’s not surprising that it goes freakishly fast. With its magnetic motors, it can get you to 112 mph. This is the fastest roller coaster in Europe.

Final Words

We suspect that this list will have to be amended by the end of 2023, however. That’s because this is the year that supposedly sees the launch of the vaunted Falcon’s Flight. This is just one of the top attractions slated for Six Flags Qiddiya, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This Falcon’s Flight will be absolutely monstrous, as it will feature a stupidly fast speed of at least 155 mph. That means it might even go faster than that. In addition, it will break the current world record for the longest roller coaster, as this goes on for 4 kilometers (about 2.5 miles). Finally, it will also feature the world’s biggest roller coaster drop at 525 feet!

Dodonpa Roller Coaster POV Fuji-Q Highland Japan World’s Fastest Acceleration

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