Theme Park Packing List

Whether you like to travel light or you’re the kind of person who tends to bring everything you could possibly need for a trip, this guide can help.

The Essentials

Traveling solo to a theme park might seem intimidating but it really isn’t, as long as you come prepared! Be sure these are in your bag before you go:

1. Camera / Mobile Phone with Camera

Going to a park solo means you can do whatever you want, and stop in places you like in your own terms, which also means you have more chances to take some cool photos. Be sure to bring a good quality camera.

2. Portable Phone Charger

Phone batteries can drain pretty fast especially if you’re using park apps to help you navigate the park, check show times, etc.  It’s important to bring a cell phone charger.

3. Headphones / Earphones

Waiting in a long line to eat or watch a show can get boring. Bring a headphone so you can listen to music, a podcast or an audiobook while you’re waiting.

4. Snacks

Pack in some light snacks so you’re never hungry.

5.  List of Emergency Contacts

It’s a good idea to have emergency contact information in your bag just in case something happens.

Other Things to Bring

1. IDs, credit cards and gift cards

You shouldn’t leave home without your IDs. Also don’t forget to bring your credit/debit cards, and if you have park gift cards be sure to bring them with you.

Pack copies of your reservation or tickets and some cash.

2. Comfortable footwear

Wear shoes that are comfortable enough for all-day walking and sightseeing. You may also want to pack some flip flops in case your feet gets sore.

3. Daypack

When going to a park for a full day of fun, it’s recommended that you bring either a lightweight backpack or a daypack to carry all your essentials.

4. Water Bottle

Hydration should be at the top of your list when planning a trip to parks like Disney World or Universal. Pack a refillable water bottle so you have easy access to water throughout the day.

5.  Rain Jacket or Poncho

Even when the skies are clear, there’s always a chance of rain in Florida. Parks like Disney sell ponchos but these can get pricey so it probably makes more sense to pack one.

6. Nice Outfits

Traveling solo means you can pretty much make your own choices of where to eat or what shows to watch. You can even stay til closing or head to a bar for some drinks afterwards. Pack nice clothes so you can freshen up and look nice without having to go back to your hotel to change.

7. Extra Bags

Large Ziploc may come in handy so you can store your wet or dirty clothes separately from your clean clothes. Bringing small waterproof bags also come in handy so you can safely store your devices like cell phone and camera when going on water rides.

8. Sunscreen, Sunglasses and Hat

It can get hot in sunny Florida. Keep your skin protected by bringing sunscreen. Wear sunglasses and a wide brim hat to shade your face when the sun gets too bright.

We hope this article has provided you with a general idea on what to pack before your trip. It’s also important to bring any medicines with you if you are currently taking them.

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