Protecting Yourself While Visiting Disney Parks During Covid-19

Even with vaccinations and booster shots becoming more mainstream nowadays, coronavirus cases are still high. Of course, staying home is the best way to avoid getting sick but that’s not always possible especially when summer is just a few months away.

If traveling to a Disney Park is in the plans, here’s some bit of useful information on what you’ll need to know and expect:

First things first, Disney parks around the world are open now. But before you visit, you’ll need to purchase tickets in advance via their online reservation system.

As of this writing, wearing of face coverings indoors is optional for fully vaccinated guests at all Disneyland Parks and Walt Disney World Resorts. Take note that the new policy posted on its website encourages those who are not fully vaccinated to continue wearing face coverings when they are in any of the indoor locations at its parks.

Further, face coverings are still required for all guests 2 and older on enclosed transportation vehicles, such as the monorails, buses and skyliner.

Choosing a Resort

Given the ongoing pandemic, it’s always a good idea to stay somewhere comfortable and safe. Check if the resort has a Safe Travels program in place and you’ll also want to choose a resort that is close to the park as possible.

Here are some considerations:

Pick a hotel with wide open spaces. You want to avoid sky scrapers during the pandemic because elevator rides and tight spaces can be risky.

Read reviews about the check-in process. You want it to be easy and fast because you’ll be very tired from your flight. Besides, it’s best not to hang out in the lobby for hours.

Beyond the safe check-in measures, check if they notices all over the buildings and lobbies with reminders to wear your masks. Find out if they also limited the number of people using certain facilities at a time (such as elevators and restaurants).

Preparing for Disney World

We recommend that you download the My Disney App as this can help give you a contact-free experience when ordering food and shopping for souvenirs. Also make sure you have your hand sanitizers and masks, bring extras too.

It’s a good idea to have your kids practice wearing masks for long periods of time – before your Disney trip.

Traveling During COVID-19

It can be daunting to be traveling by plane during the pandemic but you can mitigate the risks by taking precautions. Bring disinfectant wipes, some change of clothes, and food to avoid the long lines in the airport cafeterias. Wipe down your seats before sitting, and sanitize door knobs, handles and your hands frequently. You’ll likely be traveling with young kids so make sure everything they touch has been disinfected.

Meals on Your Vacation

Normally you’ll want to eat out and go to restaurants when you’re on vacation because who wants to do chores on a holiday, right? But you may need to dine in your villa or hotel room, if you can help it. This helps you stay safe. If this is not an option, then we suggest choosing restaurants with an outdoor dining area.

These days, not everyone is keen to go to Disney Parks because of the safety risk. But let me tell you that the parks have very good safety measures in place. There’s limited capacity, shorter lines and all the rides are being wiped down all the time.

Know Before You Go Tips For Visiting Disneyland

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