Wonderful Theme Parks in Washington

Wonderful Theme Parks in Washington

If you live in Washington, you might think that your vacation fun consists only of visits to the Space Needle, Long Beach, and La Push. But what if you want the thrill and joy of theme parks and amusement parks. The good news is that you don’t have to get to California to enjoy a magical theme park vacation. There are terrific theme parks in the state that will surely enthrall your family.

Wonderland Family Fun Center

Visit Spokane, where you’ll find the Wonderland Family Fun Center. As the name indicates, it’s truly fun for the whole family. Kids can play miniature golf, fight laser tag battles, and get their thrills with the bumper boats and go-karts. Older kids can challenge themselves with the rock wall, and then relax with some arcade games.

It’s basically a fun-filled day here where the joys are simple yet deeply satisfying.

Wild Waves Theme & Water Park

The one thing missing with the Wonderland Family Fun Center is that there’s no water fun at all. But that’s the main feature here at the Wild Waves Theme & Water Park in Federal Way. Once summer starts rolling, families should start heading here. This has been around since 1977, and the place remains popular.

That’s not surprising, with the plenty of attractions that this place offers. You sure will get your fill of waterslides, along with lots of fun rides. There’s the thrilling roller coaster known as the Disk’O Flashback, which will get your heart pumping. And you can also feel like skydiving with the I-5 Dive Skycoaster. Now that’s not really for those with a fear of heights!

And of course, you need to spend a lot of time at the water park area as well. Try the Riptide attraction, along with the Mountain Dew Slide Complex.

Tukwila Family Fun Center

Tukwila is a suburb in King County, just south of Seattle. It’s known as “a community of communities”, as the residents come from diverse origins.

But what draws everyone in the area together is their fondness for the Tukwila Family Fun Center. It’s basically an adventure-filled area with lots of fun attractions to grab your attention. There’s Traffic School for the kids, where they can learn the rules of the road. Then they can graduate to the go-karts.

Or maybe they can try out the motorized bumper boats. The challenge is to stay dry, but that’s really hard with everyone armed with water squirters!

There’s also miniature golf, batting cages, the Drop & Twist ride, the 6D motion theater, and the bowling lanes. Even if you’re old, you won’t get bored here!

Oaks Amusement Park

This is a bit out of state as it’s in Portland, Oregon. But it’s not that far from Washington. And it’s worth the trip, with all the fun awaiting you and your family.

This starts with 2 dozen different rides that you can try out. The thrill-seekers can try out the Adrenaline Peak with its scary speeds, the AtmosFEAR 2-rides-in-1, and the speedy Rock & Roll Ride.

You can hang out at the Roller Rink, play miniature golf, or try your hand at the various games. It’s truly fun for the whole family.

Birch Bay Waterslides

Here, it’s all about the fun in the water. You have a hot tub, an activity pool, and a kiddie pool. And you’ll see and enjoy the slides everywhere.

The 4 main slides here offer various twists and turns as you slide, or you can go really fast with a straight slide. Some are wide slides where parents can slide with their kids on their laps. In the summertime, this is just loads of water fun.

Wild Waves Theme & Water Park High Heat Week

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