Survival Guide for Amusement Park First-Time Visitors

It’s one of the things that a parent would have to go through: taking their children to an amusement park. Parents like you who have never taken their kids to amusement parks but are planning to do so should allot enough time for the planning and preparation. Trips to theme parks can be very costly and time-consuming. Here are some reminders for first-time amusement park visitors like you: 

1. Manage your Children’s Expectations

It is understandable that children who have never been to a park will be pumped up for their first visit. The key is for you to manage their expectations, especially if you have preschoolers. Theme parks can test the self-control of kids. They’ll be enthusiastic to board a ride, but don’t forget remind them to stand patiently in line before boarding. And when they have boarded a ride, make sure that they are wearing their safety belts. 

There will be rides where preschoolers are prohibited from trying, so you can spare yourself from a major headache if you can warn your little one about this beforehand. In exchange, you can offer a souvenir allowance for him which he can spend at the end of the trip. With the allowance, he can buy a shirt or cap from one of the booths located inside the park. 

2. Saving on Tickets

Tourists who are on a budget will naturally look for multiday tickets since these appear to be ‘cheaper’ and more practical in the long run. However, high-priced offers deserve a second look as well. For example, a season pass to Six Flags theme park may be costly at first glance but it can be a good investment because the bearer gives you access to all the 13 theme parks the entire year. The same goes for hotel package deals which can run to hundreds of  dollars but come with perks. Although you’ll pay a significant amount upfront, you can get privileges such as dining discounts. 

Discount websites can give you cheap tickets but it is much better to get discounts straight from the websites of the theme parks. Promotions are usually announced on the websites, or through their social media accounts. Thus it would be a good idea to follow the Twitter account or Facebook fan page of theme parks so you can be promptly informed of any ticket sale offers. 

3. Bring a Backpack

Cutting down on expenses is easy if you bring a backpack full of things that you can use inside the park. These include packaged snacks, wet wipes, sunscreen, water bottles, and glow-in-the-dark necklaces. Bring essentials so that you’ll never have to buy these inside the theme park.  If you have extra space in your backpack, bring other things that will make your children comfortable like extra clothes, small toys and coloring books that will keep them entertained when exhaustion sets in. 

Remember that preparation is key to ensuring a hassle-free and inexpensive amusement park trip. Keep these tips in mind so you’ll be able to enjoy your family’s vacation!

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