Backpack Checklist When Visiting Theme Parks

Backpacks for theme parks? Yes, you read it right. A backpack is something you should bring the next time you visit an adventure park. Bringing a backpack can make you save precious dollars and lessen the worries as you spend an entire day going around an amusement park. Here are the things that you should put in your backpack for your upcoming trip to Disneyland or any other theme park for that matter: 

1. Water-resistant purse

Going to a theme park like SeaWorld means there’s a good chance you’ll be riding a water ride. How can you keep your gadgets like cellular phone and camera dry? By storing them in a water-proof zipped bag! This is chiefly helpful if you don’t have any friend or family member whom you can entrust your belongings. 

2. Water bottle

You and your family will certainly be thirsty from all the walking that you will be making. Naturally, you need to drink in order to refresh your tired bodies. Bottled water in amusement parks can cost you several dollars. 

Imagine how much you’ll end up paying if you spend the entire day in the park?  One of the best way of cutting down your expenses is to bring a water bottle and refiling it as needed. You may also refill the water bottle through self-serve drink stations. 

3. Sunscreen 

Walking around the theme park will not only exhaust and dehydrate you. It can also cause punish your skin especially on a sunny summer day. Be kind to your skin by applying sunscreen before going to the theme park, and reapplying as needed for the rest of the day. 

4. First Aid Supplies

Pack several pills for headaches, antibiotic ointment and adhesive bandages. There’s always a risk that you can get a blister while outdoors. While most amusement parks have first aid team that can provide you with assistance, do you really want to lose precious time filling out all those paperwork? 

5. Change of Clothes

Whether you are with a group of adults or you are bringing your kids for the ride, you should always prepare for the worst, so to speak. Have an extra shirt, small towel and even pants just in case you find yourself wet after a water ride. And after all that walking you made, you’ll be too sweaty  at the end of the day that you would want to change outfit. 

6. Snacks

While there are some parks that ban bringing in of outside food, most theme parks allow this. Pack some snacks like chocolate bars or even fruits to keep not only your tummy happy but your wallet as well. 

7. Camera

Finally, don’t forget to bring your camera! Whether it’s a digital single-lens reflex (D-SLR) type or a simple point-and-shoot one, a camera is your best buddy. Use your camera as soon as you arrive by taking a photo of where you parked your car. This way, you’ll easily find your vehicle when it’s time to leave. 

What’s in my Disney park bag?

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