Where to Buy Cheap Tickets for Theme Parks?

We often get asked this question – “Where can I buy cheap tickets for theme parks?”  If you’re planning a trip to Disney World, Busch Gardens and Sea World, then this article is for you.

Purchasing a ticket is no longer a hassle or inconvenient. With today’s technology you can shop around for the best theme park deals from the comfort of your home.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Planning a visit to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay this summer? This theme park is known to have some of the best roller coaster rides in the state. Once named the Dark Continent, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay opened in 1959 and currently has 2 locations: Tampa, Fl and Williamsburg, VA. If you’re looking for discount tickets, you can check Groupon for deals.

Keep in mind that ticket prices and discounts can change especially during peak season. You can also check CityPass for possible deals.

Busch Gardens General Parking Ticket: $25

General parking for cars, trucks, motorcycles, campers and recreational vehicles. You get 50% off for Bronze Annual Pass Members. If you have a Platinum, Gold or Silver Annual Pass, general parking is free.

Busch Gardens Preferred Parking: $28

You get 50% off for Silver Annual Pass Members. If you have a Platinum or Gold Annual Pass, preferred parking is free.

FREE for Silver, Gold and Platinum Annual Pass Members)

$28: Preferred parking (50% off for Silver Annual Pass Members; FREE for Gold and Platinum Members)

Busch Gardens Admission Tickets

1-Day Admission $89.99 (Advance Purchase)

Play & Dine $119.99

Fun Card Pay: Busch Gardens + Adventure Island $114.99

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is an aquatic theme park that you can go to for a half-day or whole-day adventure.  They also maintain a steadfast commitment to animal and nature conservation by providing support to organizations focused on animal rescue and rehabilitation, habitat protection, conservation education and species research. BTW, if you’re a teacher, you can visit SeaWorld Orlando absolutely free!

SeaWorld Orlando Tickets

1-Day Admission $107.99

2-Park Tickets $153.99/park

Kids 2 and under – Free admission

If you’re looking for SeaWorld Orlando discounted tickets you can check out Undercover Tourist which has a relationship with the theme park and so they’re able to give you a better theme park ticket price.

Universal Orlando

Planning a trip to Universal Orlando on a budget? You don’t have to break the bank to go to this world-class park. Currently the cost of admission is $125 but prices do change. The resort has 3 theme parks and several hotels to choose from. If you want to get more for your buck, take advantage of club discounted rates like travel clubs, professional organizations, AAA organizations and others. They usually have good deals for Universal. Another option is to buy from sites like Undercover Tourist or The Park Prodigy, or perhaps contact a local travel agent.

Walt Disney World Orlando

If you want to get Disney World discounted tickets, one way to do this is to get a Vacation Package with an authorized travel agent for Disney World. With them, you can get a big discount on your vacation package and it would be like getting the tickets free. But if you’re only interested in getting a discounted park ticket, you can get one from sites like Groupon or The Park Prodigy.

We’d recommend spending two days at the park so you can watch all the shows and try all the rides. Disney World is such a huge park – one day is simply not enough. Getting a multi-day ticket also helps you save money, as you’re only paying full price for the first day and any additional days are almost half the price.

Don’t forget to shop and compare prices if you want to get the best deals. There are so many websites offering discount tickets for theme parks and all you have to do is do a bit of digging.

How To Get Discounted Disney World Tickets In 2022

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