What to See and Do in Sea World Orlando

When SeaWorld is mentioned, your mind would immediately conjure up images of orcas jumping out of a giant pool and doing amazing tricks in front of a crowd. But there’s a whole lot more to see and do in SeaWorld Orlando.

There are 7 entertainment areas in SeaWorld Orlando, which the park refer to as “seas.” Each one has a different theme, and you go through all these areas by foot.

Sea of Shallows

In the Sea of Shallows you’ll find animal exhibits in the Key West, named after the Floridian island that is home to some of the sea’s most beautiful inhabitants: rays, dolphins, turtles, flamingoes and manatees. You’ll find Dolphin Theater, Dolphin Cove, and Manta Roller Coaster here.

Sea of Legends

If you’re up for some major adrenaline rush, head to Sea of Legends where you’ll find the most popular roller coasters Journey to Atlantis and Kraken. Journey to Atlantis has dark, twisting passages that ends in the water, while Kraken features vertical loops and corkscrews.

Sea of Ice

In the Sea of Ice you’ll find one of SeaWorld’s main attraction – Empire of the Penguins. It’s a motion-enhanced film which tells us the adventures of a penguin hero.

Sea of Delight

Sea of Delight is where you will find the 400-foot tall observation tower called the Sky Tower ride and The Waterfront along with the viewing stations for the sea lion and otters.

Sea of Mystery

In the Sea of Mystery you’ll find Shark Wreck Reef and Shark Encounter. Shark Wreck Reef has the Mako “hypercoaster,” which simulates an underwater adventure. The huge underwater viewing tunnel Shark Encounter showcases prehistoric beasts swimming over your head.

Sea of Fun

For those with younger children, they will enjoy Sea of Fun which has a junior rollercoaster, water play area and climbing frames. There’s also a recently opened Sesame Street in this area.

Sea of Power

Home to Shamu Stadium, Sea of Power is undoubtedly the most familiar of all the areas in SeaWorld. Orca shows are held here, and there’s also the Wild Arctic arena which showcases walruses and beluga whales.

Tips Before You Go

At SeaWorld Orlando, there are so many things you can see and do. There are park rides, animal exhibits, shows, aquariums, rehabilitation areas, feeding areas, lagoons and many more. There’s something for everyone here.

But to make sure you enjoy your time at SeaWorld, these tips will surely help:

1. Get there early. That way you can try more rides and see more attractions without having to deal with crazy long lines.

2. Buy the tickets in advance. Doing this can save you a lot of time.

3. Don’t bring outside food or drinks other than water bottles. They don’t allow it.

4. It helps if you research a bit on what rides and attractions you’d like to go to, which restaurants to eat at, and so on. Familiarize yourself with the areas so that you can navigate the park better. You can save all these details in your phone.

5. Revolve your day around the shows. Arrange your plans in such a way that you can see all the shows you want. The line will start about 30-45 minutes before the show begins.

6. Bring rain gear or a change of clothes because you’ll get soaked in the water rides.

7. Lastly, wear comfortable clothing and footwear. It’s SeaWorld after all!

Top Things to Do at SeaWorld

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