How to Save Time and Money at Amusement Parks?

With spring just around the corner, expect your kids to start bugging you on your next trip to an amusement park. If you were troubled the last time that you were at Disneyland, perhaps you need to revisit how you planned and prepared. A trip to an amusement park is supposed to be an opportunity for family members to bond with each other, and not to get into each other’s nerves. Why don’t you consider the following reminders so that your next trip to an amusement park won’t be tiring and irksome? 

Best Time to Visit

Is summer the best time to visit amusement parks, especially since children don’t have school?  Contrary to popular belief, summer is not the best season to go to amusement parks. You’ll surely have headaches dealing with long lines and noisy children. Try scheduling your trip a week before a major holiday, such as President’s day or Thanksgiving. 

Be sure to arrive early and leave just before the crowd swells in the early afternoon. Then come back early in the evening. You’ll notice that many families tend to arrive in the park just before lunch and then leave before evening because many of their members have been exhausted by the long queues and the heat. 

Save on Food and Dining 

Dining at amusement parks can really take a toll on your budget. However you can still save precious dollars by eating a hearty breakfast before entering the park. If you are planning to stay at a hotel, book in one that serves free continental breakfast. 

If there are restaurants within walking distance of the park you intend to visit, consider dining in one of these establishments instead. Or you can bring your own picnic lunch. Of course, you can’t bring it inside the park but you can always eat them in the car. Keep the food fresh by storing it in a cooler. You should also bring some beverages as well. 

If you intend to allot a nice amount for a hearty meal inside the park, opt for lunch instead of dinner. Lunch at amusement parks are usually less expensive than dinner. 

Going Around

Navigating the park is usually the number one cause of headaches and exhaustion amongst parents like you. So how would you go around the park in the quickest, easiest way possible? Don’t forget to print a map of the park. Ask your kids to help you decide on a list of the top rides or attractions that your family will prioritize. Then make your way to these attractions first before eventually visiting the other rides that your kids are not exactly fond of.  

It is not uncommon for family members, especially kids, to get lost while in an amusement park. Here’s one tip to prevent wasting time looking for each other: assign an emergency meeting place. 

These are some of the things that you should remember the next time you plan your family’s amusement park adventure. Keep them in mind and for sure, your next trip to an amusement park will be less costly and tiring.

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